Gouache Paintings
For the last few months I have been experimenting with a different type of water media called
gouache (pronounced "g-wash").  Gouache is similar to watercolor, except that it tends to be
opaque where watercolor tends to be transparent.  Painting in gouache has allowed me to
achieve rich, juicy colors.
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A still life I completed in a
image size: 14 x 18 inches
There is a watercolor version of this painting on the "Dog
Paintings" page.
Jungle Raven
image size: 6 x 4 inches
Hydrangeas 2
image size: 6 x 4 inches
Hydrangeas 1
image size: 4 x 6 inches
Flower Fountain
image size: 6 x 4 inches
Susan Grant Watercolors
(after an unknown artist)
image size: 9 x 7 inches
image size: 8 x 6 inches
Purple Iris
image size: 12 x 9 inches